The Benefits of Restaurant Booths

Restaurant Booths

Restaurant booths provide an intimate dining experience that many patrons prefer to tables and chairs. They can also limit the amount of traffic that passes around your seating area which can help keep your restaurant a bit cleaner and less crowded. Restaurant customers love booth seating because it offers them privacy, protection from noise and … Read more

The Importance of Food Relative


The food environment is a complex social-ecological system with significant impacts on sustainability, biological diversity, and economics. It is often viewed as an important factor influencing health outcomes. Food environment research often assesses the spatial patterns of food outlets for one time period, overlooking how these environments change over time. This paper adds to the … Read more

The Best Appliances For a Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen

Kitchen appliances can make or break your home’s overall design. So whether you’re just looking to upgrade some of your current appliances or are planning a complete kitchen remodel, we’ve rounded up the best modern kitchen appliances for every budget. Whether you want to keep your perishables safe or keep your beverages chilled, a refrigerator … Read more